Divorce Kit

The easiest divorce is one you can do yourself. If you have a simple, uncontested divorce, our kit provides a cost-effective way to have a fresh start.

Buy the kit that doesn't leave you stranded. Stuck? We'll help!

Complete set of lawyer-prepared uncontested Pennsylvania no-fault divorce forms and simple instructions, guaranteed to work.  You will file everything by mail from anywhere in Pennsylvania.  You will NOT have to appear in court.  You will file your divorce in Cameron County, where the filing fees are so low that using our forms will save you more money than they cost!

Warning: If you have a house together, a pension to divide or any other unresolved economic issues, you should talk to a lawyer before purchasing and using our no-fault divorce documents.  A Pennsylvania Divorce Decree ends all spousal rights that you have not properly protected.  The kit is not designed to protect these rights.

All Pennsylvania divorce forms and court correspondence professionally pre-prepared with YOUR information.

  • Complete and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions.
  • Full and FREE professional customer service to ensure success the first time around.

When you order, please be sure to check your spam folder or to add email from “Pghfamlaw.Com” to your safe-senders list.  We want you to get your kit!

  • Simple and complete step-by-step instructions
  • Pre-addressed correspondence to the court
  • Divorce Complaint (the document that begins the divorce process)
  • Acceptance of Service for your spouse to sign
  • All necessary consent forms for you and your spouse to sign
  • Praecipe to Transmit Record (the document that instructs the court to issue your decree)
  • Proposed divorce decree for the judge to sign

We will deliver your divorce forms and complete instructions as printable documents via email.  Upon request we will gladly send you a printed copy instead via USPS Priority Mail, for an additional $10 charge to cover the cost of shipping and handling.


Pennsylvania uncontested divorce kits and sets of divorce forms are all over the place, and if you look hard enough you might even be able to find divorce papers for free download. The hard part is, what are you supposed to do with them? We take away the guesswork. Step-by-step, our easy-to-understand instructions walk you through the process.  Need extra help? Pick up the telephone instead of your wallet. We are a working Pittsburgh divorce law firm with over 10 years of experience.

  • You and your spouse are in complete agreement to divorce.
  • You and your spouse will sign all necessary documents.
  • Either you or your spouse (it only has to be one of you) has resided in Pennsylvania for six months or more at the time you file.
  • You do not know how to contact your spouse.
  • Neither you nor your spouse lives in Pennsylvania.
  • Your spouse will not sign the necessary forms.
  • You have unresolved property or spousal support issues (including pension claims).
  • You want to file a written agreement with the court relating to property or children.
  • Your spouse is on active duty in the U.S. Military (any branch).
  • Either you or your spouse has already filed for divorce in another county or state.

Please be aware that in Pennsylvania, divorce is about economic closure rather than personal closure. There are rights that arise from your marriage that must either be claimed before a divorce is final, be protected by a written agreement with your spouse, or be waived forever. Before you decide to purchase this kit, be sure that neither you nor your spouse intends to make any such claims.  Additionally, if you are presently covered by your spouse’s medical insurance, the award of a divorce decree will bring that to an end.  If you are in any doubt about your rights or about your needs, you should seek a consultation with a local family law attorney before you proceed. Purchase and/or use of this kit, including calls for office informational assistance, does not create a lawyer/client relationship between you and Pittsburgh Family Law Services, P.C. nor with any attorney associated therewith.

Every court in Pennsylvania charges fees to accept your divorce forms for filing, and you will pay the court a total of $109.75 after you have purchased our kit.  The odds are strong that even adding in the $150 cost of our Pennsylvania divorce paperwork, you will pay the same or less for your divorce than if you filed it in your home county using free divorce forms.  You don’t have to take our word for it; do a web search for “[your PA home county] prothonotary fees,” and see for yourself.

The cheapest available Philadelphia County divorce, using free forms, will cost you close to $400 in filing fees.  The cheapest Pittsburgh divorce with free forms will cost close to $210.  In Erie, your free-forms divorce costs over $220.  In Scranton, about $200.  In Harrisburg , over $330.  In Cameron County, including the cost of our custom-prepared forms, $259.75!

Pennsylvania divorce law permits you to obtain a divorce decree outside the county of your residence if (and only if!) both you and your spouse agree to do so.  Since you do not need to see the inside of a courtroom when both spouses agree to a divorce, with our kit you can legally file a Cameron County divorce action from anywhere in Pennsylvania, all without having to travel farther away than your Post Office.

The court will mail you a certified copy of your divorce decree at the end of your divorce process.  This is the document that you must show if you should ever again apply for a marriage license, because that is your proof that you are legally single.


Rights involving children do not arise from your marriage, and so they are unaffected by divorce.

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Warning: If you have a house together, a pension to divide or any other unresolved economic issues, you should talk to a lawyer before purchasing and using our no-fault divorce documents.  A Pennsylvania Divorce Decree ends all spousal rights that you have not properly protected.


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