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Our lawyers focus on matters that affect your family. We handle divorce, custody, equitable distribution, adoption, child support, pre-marital agreements, estate planning and administration, and guardianship. Each of these matters involves having a plan in place to achieve your goals. While no two stories are exactly alike, we work with all of our clients with a goal toward helping you achieve the best outcome. 

Compassionate Counsel

First and foremost, our role is to counsel you. We make sure to have a complete understanding of your case and give you all of the options. We tell you when your ideas will help you, and we tell you whether your approach is harming your situation. Our experience shows us that most problems can be avoided by knowing what they are in advance. By guiding you outside of court, we help save you additional financial and emotional strain for you and your family. 

Experienced Advocacy

We believe that most family law cases should resolve privately, outside of court. This preserves your privacy and helps you move forward more quickly. Our advocacy begins from the moment you retain us. We do this by insisting that your spouse’s attorney provide us with financial documents so we can calculate the marital estate, we explain why certain behaviors from your spouse need to stop, and many other ways. 

Sometimes though, we cannot reach a resolution on our own and we need to use the court process. When that happens, we review your file in detail and gather all information, evidence, and witnesses necessary to present your case to the judge. We understand that sometimes “winning” does not mean getting everything you desire. Sometimes it means finally having unsupervised custody after being in addiction recovery for several years. Other times it just means being able to make decisions about where your children will go to school. We look at your entire case and collaborate with you to determine the best way to proceed and how to present your case. 

Transparent Communication

Pursuing a family law matter requires a substantial investment of time, money, and decision-making. None of these decisions are easy, especially during periods of great strain. We believe in transparency with our clients. We keep you constantly updated about your case and where things stand. We forward you correspondence from your spouse’s attorney, provide you with copies of orders and letters, and copy you to messages so you can see exactly how we’re handling your case. 

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Pittsburgh Family Law Services, P.C. provides legal guidance and advocacy to individuals in family law and estate planning matters. To find out how we can help you, please contact us.

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