What to Expect

What to Expect

Our goal is to protect your best interests, both in the immediate and long-term future.  After years of protecting families, we’ve created a client glide path that has been designed with your highest and best interests in mind. 
We help our clients move through the legal process to successfully create the next part of their lives. 
Here’s what to expect. 

Your First Call
Thirty-year legal veteran Deborah Geary will guide you through your first call to our office. Deborah, a highly trained paralegal, will help identify any issues and determine whether our firm is able to assist you. This service is free of charge. 

Your Consultation 
If our firm is well suited for you, Deborah will schedule and collect payment for your in-depth, attorney consultation. You may choose whether you’d like to meet with the attorney in our office (which includes a very friendly Office Dog named Mr. B.), on Zoom, or by telephone. 

Your consultation ensures the attorneys have enough time to fully understand your situation, provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and get feedback, confirms that the team can meet your goals, and empowers our team to start working on your case as soon as possible. This is a paid service.

Our Approach
Although we have a diverse array of cases, our approach is the same for each case.  After an in-depth meeting with you, we identify your goals, present you with your options, and collaborate with you to determine the best way forward. We will let you know if your desired approach is unlikely to benefit you. 

Our Strategy
In estate planning, our process is designed to help the family move through legalities smoothly and get the family protected. 

Our approach is the same in family law situations. We attempt to reach agreements in our cases. Reaching an agreement in divorce or custody reduces both conflict as well as the amount of time you need to dedicate energy to litigation.  

However, sometimes a trial is ultimately necessary.  When that happens, we put substantial effort into preparing your case so the judge can rule in your favor.  

At all steps of the way, you can expect our team to be in communication with you and familiar with your case.  
For many of our clients, this is the first time they have ever contacted an attorney.  We understand the legal system can be overwhelming; we work with you to help reduce that burden.   

Whether you are seeking a divorce, custody arrangement, or estate plan, we understand that you are being asked to make decisions that can have long-term consequences which will impact your family. Our goal is always to help you make the decisions that best support your family and your goals, both in the short and long run. 

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Pittsburgh Family Law Services, P.C. provides legal guidance and advocacy to individuals in family law and estate planning matters in Western Pennsylvania, including Allegheny, Armstrong, Butler, Beaver, Clarion, and Westmoreland Counties. To find out how we can help you, please contact us.

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